Western Canada Regional Nepalese Sports and Cultural Events 2023

Posted on:  February 22, 2023

The Western Canada Regional Nepalese Sports and Cultural Events is a sports and cultural festival that is organized by Nepalese communities in Western Canada. NECOS Inc formulated the concept of Western Canada Regional Nepalese Sports and Cultural Event (WCRNSCE) and hosted the event in 2013. The event was a grand success. This event is typically held once a year and brings together Nepalese people from across the region to celebrate their cultural heritage through sports and cultural activities.

The festival usually features a variety of traditional Nepalese games and sports, such as Dandi Biyo*, Soccer, Badminton, Table Tennis as well as music, dance, and food from Nepal. It's a great opportunity for Nepalese people to come together and share their culture with others, and for the wider community to learn about and appreciate Nepalese culture.

The Western Canada Regional Nepalese Sports and Cultural Events is a great way for Nepalese people in the region to stay connected to their heritage and to build a strong sense of community. The festival is open to all and is a wonderful celebration of Nepalese culture and tradition.

Saskatoon is hosting this year’s event on July long weekend, which will be the 12th iteration of the WCRNSCE. Saskatoon had hosted the same event in 2013 as well. The Event is being hosted on July 01-02, 2023 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.




Some glimpses of past WCRNSCE





Regina - 2017


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