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Benefit of memberships

  • Get involved in community development, sharing, and teamwork.
  • Inspires each other to reach excellence and embrace the culture.
  • Participate in cultural programs at membership-discounted rates.
  • Participate in summer and winter sports and recreational programs.
  • Promote history, tradition, and culture.

NECOS Inc membership is open to an individual who meets the following:
• is 18 years old and above,
• resides in Saskatoon and/or nearby towns where there is no other Nepali community organization,
• accepts the objectives of the corporation and agrees to abide by the bylaws of the corporation.

General membership: Any individual who meets the eligibility per the above criteria obtains the corporation general membership by paying non-refundable membership fees.

Family Class membership: Family class membership is available to the family of the general membership. The membership is provided at a reduced rate to additional family members. Lifetime members shall enjoy all the privileges and rights of general members excluding voting rights.

The membership fee shall be paid annually for the term commencing July 1 of the current year and ending June 30 of next year and must be paid before participating as a member in any organized or registered activity. The member who has paid the required membership fee shall be considered a “Member in good standing”. The member in good standing shall be given priority to participate in the corporation’s activities, membership rights, and privileges over non-members.

Lifetime membership: Life-time membership shall be available to general members who wish to be associated with the corporation for a lifetime. The fees for lifetime membership shall be equivalent to ten times the annual non-refundable membership fee of the year of application. Lifetime members shall enjoy all the privileges and rights of general members including voting rights.