New Students to Saskatoon

Nepalese residing in Saskatoon and studying in University of Saskatwechan (UofS) are members of Nepalese Student Association (NSA). NSA main objective is to promote Nepali culture and tradition at University and to help the enrolled and prospective students in various ways.
If you are planning to come as a student Nepalese Student Association would be a great link to know more about the University of Saskatwechan.

Social Insurance Number

Social Insurance Number (SIN) is very important document one has to have immediately you land to Saskatoon. You have to visit Service Canada Office in Market Mall for registering. SIN is necessary to everyone;  temporary or permanent residence to have access of Government of Canada program and benefits . Please do not disclose your SIN Number to anyone.

Office in Saskatoon
Service Canada Centre
Market Mall
2325 Preston Ave S #120, Saskatoon, SK S7J 2G2

Click SIN Number for more details.

Health Card and Family Doctors

Another an important document one has to apply immediately after arriving in Saskatoon is a Saskatchewan  Health Card for your self and all of your family members. This is the card that allows for free health services provided by Government of Canada.

Click  “apply for Saskatchewan Health Card” to apply for health Card.

To find out more click Family Doctors from Saskatoon Health Region accepting new patients.”


Public Transportation

The city of Saskatoon offers Bus services throughout the city. You can download “Transit” mobile app from play store in Android and from the app store in IOS from your devices to see the real-time of buses moving around the city. This is a good method as it will be difficult during winters to wait for the buses because of extremely cold weather.

To find more click “Fare and passes for Transit”

Using your own Vehicle

Another way of moving around the City is to have your own vehicle. Once you buy new or used vehicle you have to register your vehicle to SGI(Saskatchewan Government Insurance) and should have a valid driving license.

In Order to apply for the Saskatchewan Driving license please read the Drivers Hand Book and book yourself a written test. After you pass the Written test, you can book Road test to get the valid Saskatchewan Driving License. Click “Vehicle Registration and Insurance”

Click “Vehicle Registration and Insurance” for information about registering your vehicle.

click “Written Test” for more information

Other Important Organizations helping Newcomer in Saskatoon

Newcomer Information Centre
Saskatoon Newcomer’s Club
Saskatoon Open Door Society

Job Opportunity

There are many opportunities within the city and out of town too. To start with, you can go to the following links for looking the jobs.

City of Saskatoon

University of Saskatwechan

Saskatoon Health Region