About Us

NECOS Inc, established in 2011, is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to preserve and foster the cultural, traditional, and historical heritage of Nepalese origin. NECOS Inc also strives to understand and respect other cultural communities in order to coexist in a friendly and cohesive society in Canada.

The overall mission of the organization is to provide support for newcomers, refugees, youth, and children at-risk and families to integrate into Saskatoon. The youth, children, and elderly, in particular, face greater barriers to integrating into Canada because of a new language, system, culture, and way of life.

NECOS Inc organizes several programs on community interaction, welfare events, sports, Nepalese language school, cultural, festivals, etc. to support the community and help bring people together, both emotionally and physically. NECOS Inc is actively involved in providing consultancy, translation, cultural education, and settlement services directly and in partnership with other organizations.

The Strategic Objectives of NECOS are:

  • To promote the Nepalese culture, arts, music, traditions, and heritage.
  • To promote solidarity and welfare among the members of the Nepalese community in Canada and abroad.
  • To design and execute various programs to alleviate poverty in the world, with a focus on regions of Nepalese culture

The Operational Objectives of NECOS are:

  • To ensure all members of the community have the opportunity to access programs offered by the NECOS.
  • To maintain goodwill and harmony among the corporation members.
  • To arrange lectures, discourses, and discussions on social, cultural, educational, economic, and other relevant topics and issues.
  • To provide public educational displays and exhibitions concerning Nepalese culture and traditions.
  • To provide financial and other support to registered charitable organizations.
  • To assist newcomers of Nepalese origin who encounter language barriers or other problems in understanding Canadian customs and traditions.
  • To establish a cultural center for a community gathering to carry out the above objectives.
  • To acquire land, by purchase or otherwise, erect or otherwise provide a building or buildings for social and community purposes.
  • To encourage excellence in studies and promote amateur games and exercises for its members.
  • To establish and maintain an information center.
  • To provide all necessary equipment and furniture for carrying out its various objectives.
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