Regarding Ticket Sale (दशैँ मिलन तथा शुभकामना कार्यक्रम)

२०७४ सालको विजया दशमीको सुखद उपलक्ष्यमा सम्पूर्ण आमा, बुवा, दिदीबहिनी तथा दाजुभाइलाइ हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

नेकोस परिवार

Mr. Santosh Lamichhane is a main distributor for the tickets. Individuals from the community can contact one of the following persons for the tickets for the reservation that you made through upcoming event section (दशैँ मिलन तथा शुभकामना कार्यक्रम)

1. Mr. Santosh Lamichhane and Mr. Kapur Dhakal-7th and 8th Street Area
2. Mr. Raju Chaudhary and Mr. Umesh Poudyal- University Residence
3. Mr. Kamal Magar- West Side
4. Mr. Sudhir Pandey- North Site of Saskatoon
5. Dr. Krishna Bahadur Chaudhary and Mr. Sameer Chhetry- Stone Bridge
6. Dr. Rajesh Karki- East Side
Membership of NECOS is open at any time.  A membership fee is $10 per person and $5 per each additional member of the same family. There is no membership fee for anyone who is under 16.

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